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Welcome to evan.network

Evan.network is an open ecosystem designed to facilitate popular adoption of the decentralized economy. Equipped with enterprise-ready components and decentralized governance the platform empowers new business models by innovation through collaboration.

In realization of this vision, Evan.network comes with features catered to meet every blockchain business need. With effectiveness and data sovereignty in mind, the platform consists of AuthorityNodes, also referred to as AuthorityNodes, hosted by trusted European enterprises and businesses.

High transaction throughput coupled with stable transaction fees model the network into a cost-effective and decisively more secure alternative to conventional solutions.

Key functionalities, amongst others, are:

  • DApps (decentralized applications)
  • Digital Twins as virtual counterparts of real-life assets, organizations, and people
  • encrypted on chain messaging service
  • an identity solution (Decentralized Identities) for accounts
  • Flexible yet secure delegation of smart contract permissions, including trans organizational

Integrating the network’s capabilities into your productive environment allows you to seamlessly tap into advantages that Web 3.0 distributed applications (DApps) and Decentralized Identities bring with them, as applications and services on the evan chain are reachable via API calls and through a user interface.

Evan adheres to the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. Unique to the DAO is the characteristic of no central point of authority in any shape or form. Naturally, this includes Evan as a company as well. Thus transparent and democratic network governance lies at the heart of Evan.network.

We follow a philosophy of open source and have made our codebase publicly available. The neutrality aspect of the system is safeguarded by an openly available authority consensus our AuthorityNodes use to defend against potential hostile network takeovers.

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If you wish to become an integral part of the evan.network infrastructure and shape its future, contact us on our WebSite.