evan.network Developer Documentation


The mailbox ÐAPP allows you to view your latest blockchain mails (in short “Bmails”), including but not limited to:

  • contact requests
  • contract invitations
  • business center invitation

mailbox - inbox

Bmails can have attachments, that let you perform actions based on their type. Attachments are shown below the Bmail content. Task invitations for example allow you to navigate to the contract you received an invitation for.

mailbox - detail

A Bmail, like almost everything in evan.network, is another Smart Contract and has all the advantages of a Smart Contract. Most importantly, in comparison to Emails for example, it is virtually impossible to lose them or delete them, even by accident.

There is no mail provider that can lock your account and prevent you from accessing it. As long as you have your credentials, you have access to your profile and all your messages. Even if you have no balance on your account left and can’t send any new Bmails or do any changes, you can still read everything.

To write new Bmail’s, use the button in to the top-right corner.

mailbox - detail

After you get an new Bmail, you can also start an conversation by using the “answer this mail” button.

mailbox - detail