evan.network Developer Documentation

Extending autonomy with On Behalf Logic

The On-behalf-of functionality enables organizations to lend autonomy to their employees, empowering new and innovative business processes.

Presenting a unique evan.network feature, companies can delegate employees and even machines to act on their behalf.

By extending autonomy to employees and machines, we enable unparalleled business processes.

To illustrate a use case, we assume that an assembly line machine suffers from a technical failure.

Following its outage, the malfunctioning machine submits a request for a service technician.

The service technician is supplied with all crucial information, such as which company ordered the repair, the machine’s exact location and status report.

After the repairs have been concluded, the machine confirms its new status and autonomously pays the technician on behalf of its company. Drastically reducing time and costs, the on behalf of logic allows enterprises to restructure and rethink outdated, inefficient processes.

The on behalf of feature is a novelty for blockchain technology. Each blockchain user holds a wallet. To conduct transactions, one must have full control over the wallet. Control comes in the form a ‘private key’, which is necessary to perform transactions. Naturally, sharing your private is no alternative in any scenario.

Putting this feature in a unique position, is the possibility to perform actions on behalf of an organization, without requiring full control over the respective wallets.