evan.network Developer Documentation

evan.network Goals

The evan.network is a global, decentralized company network based on blockchain technology, which is organized and operated by trustworthy European companies. On the basis of the evan.network, all companies or organizations can quickly and easily realize their decentralized use cases.

Cooperation already plays an important role in the creation of value in most companies today and will continue to gain in importance in the future as a competitive factor. Global markets and increasingly individual products require cooperation to be efficient and trustworthy. It must be possible to cooperate with partners still unknown today.

Classic, manual controlling and handling of cooperation is no longer sufficient here. In recent years, platforms have increasingly established themselves as intermediaries that enable digital collaboration between companies and offer services from matchmaking, capacity and demand, as well as production, logistics and payment.

Intermediaries in their current form represent an enormous risk for business transactions. Successful intermediaries are characterized by a wide range of services and connected partners. As a result, market power and dependency are concentrated in them, which can have a direct impact on transaction costs (cost risk) and can also lead to indirect risks such as the misuse of transaction data (privacy risk) or the censorship of cooperations (censorship risk).

The problem is not the intermediaries themselves, who provide the functionalities and build networks, but their access to the transaction data.

With blockchain technology, it becomes possible for the first time to represent mediating functionality and data in technology without establishing the market power of a central platform. This is based on the capability to process transactions securely and confidentially directly between the business partners involved and to store the data decentrally and encrypted at all blockchain parties, traceable, but impossible to manipulate.

Data and customer relationships are only exchanged between the parties involved and not disclosed to the intermediary.

The public blockchains available today follow this approach but are for various reasons not suitable for enterprise applications. In particular, the low transaction rate, the high energy costs for operating the blockchain and the lack of data security and data protection concepts speak against the use of public blockchains in corporate environments.

For this reason, a blockchain in the corporate environment today usually means the establishment of so-called private chains, directly between the parties involved.

However, these private blockchains cannot fulfill the advantages of decentralized collaboration, since they are usually in the hands of individual or dominant companies and basically represent only a small technological advantage over the decentralized data storage already in use today. One company alone cannot establish a decentralized cooperation network with private blockchains; together, companies can achieve this. This is the basic concept behind evan.network.

evan.network combines the advantages of public blockchains, a decentralized network without central intermediaries, with the advantages of private blockchains, a high transaction rate at low and stable costs in particular. evan.network is based on Ethereum technology, which is the most advanced blockchain solution available today.

For use in the enterprise environment, Ethereum has been expanded to include essential functions such as security, universal access to enterprise systems and a more immediate usable catalogue of predefined collaboration services. In addition to the blockchain, evan.network also provides a decentralized storage service. This is based on IPFS technology and provides a decentralized and redundant data storage for applications and user data of any type.

The network is operated and developed by its partners - European companies - which can ensure a high degree of data security and reliable IT operation.

The goals of evan.network are:

  • To enable all companies, organisations and business associations (hereinafter referred to as the ‘organisation’) to offer and use their own decentralized services and business models.
  • To enable communication between machines and other physical goods as well.
  • To provide an integrated, stable valuation system for payments to use the network.
  • To enable employees of companies and persons acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a company (hereinafter referred to as’users’) to interact digitally with other users, machines or organizations.
  • To enable trustful digital business relationships between network partners (the entirety of organizations and users in the network).
  • To provide a blockchain technology based on German or European law, respectively.
  • To establish decentralized governance structures that control the development of the network independently of a central organization.

The evan.network is initiated by evan GmbH and gradually transferred to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) by the admission of partners into the evan.network, in which the control of the network is carried out by the involved partners themselves.