evan.network Developer Documentation

Evan.network GDPR compliance

Evan successfully provides an answer to the controversial question of how a blockchain solution can remain in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Per blockchain’s nature, nothing is ever forgotten as transactions are stored indefinitely.

This is achieved through platform features and the network’s governance structure.

Beginning with the enterprise-grade blockchain approach, you will have the possibility to keep transaction details private.

Subsequently, it is only possible to see that a transaction happened, but no details as to what took place.

Authority Nodes on the network are verified and known organizations.

Your data is therefore never processed by anonymous parties but handled by trusted network actors. By means of our privacy mechanisms, we can render data stored on the distributed filesystem as well as smart contracts inaccessible, satisfying the ‘right to erasure’ directive.

Additionally, our API enables you to build GDPR compliant decentralized applications.