evan.network Developer Documentation

Enterprise Blockchain

Evan’s enterprise blockchain empowers organizations to make full use of opportunities that decentralization has to offer, while ensuring that enterprise standards are met.

The evan.network is designed to be an open ecosystem on the basis of a public consortium. Naturally, this implies that transactions are visible on the network and therefore irreconcilable with data privacy requirements.

To assure that privacy requirements aren’t violated, you will be able to configure your transactions to withhold details.

This only makes it possible to see that a transaction took place, but not what happened in the transaction itself.

Distributed storage poses great advantages over conventional storage solutions, but doesn’t present a viable alternative for enterprises, as storage providers are anonymous.

Evan.network addresses this issue, and allows enterprises to benefit from encrypted distributed storage, known as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), which is made available to the entire public consortium on Evan.

With no single point of failure and full encryption of all data by default, the advantages of blockchain based distributed file systems are introduced to enterprise users.

The space for our built-in distributed storage is exclusively provided by trusted Authority Nodes.

Since Authority Nodes are known and verified entities, we ensure that GDPR directives are complied with, thus allowing you to fully rely on Evan’s distributed storage in your business applications.

Decentralized Applications and data associated with Smart Contracts are stored on the distributed IPFS file system.

DBCP descriptions for Smart Contracts are stored the same way, making sure that every security aspect is taken care of.

Additionally, you are given the opportunity to develop GDPR compliant decentralized applications through our API.