evan.network Developer Documentation


evan.network enables trustful business relationships while maintaining the data sovereignty of the interacting network partners. This trust is based on the decentralized nature of the network, in which no central intermediary has control over data and processes. Decentralization does not mean, however, that the network is without control and supervision.

Therefore, it is important to establish an organizational structure through which the network is managed efficiently and in partnership. For this reason, it is planned to take control over technological decisions that affect the core of the network in a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Such decisions include, for example, the implementation of a hardfork, the inclusion of new AuthorityNodes, the use of new technologies or new updates to existing components, or decisions to invest in the expansion of the network.

The Implementation of the DAO

At the start of the evan.network productive network, it is planned to bind the AuthorityNodes to the network via a MastnerNode Operations Aggreement (MNOA).

The MNOA defines the Service Level Agreements (SLA) that a AuthorityNode must comply with in order to count as an active AuthorityNode and thereby to be allowed to exercise its voting rights in the DAO.

Any organization that provides services according to the MNOA definitions can become a AuthorityNode and thus DAO member. The goal is that only companies and universities or institutes become DAO members, i.e. not natural persons.

In the medium term it is planned to transfer the DAO into an own organization (e.g. cooperative or association), so that commercial decisions can also be made from the DAO (e.g. the investments in new services provided on evan.network).

In the first phase, the DAO is a loose link to all AuthorityNodes that can make changes to the network via Smart Contracts.


With the DAO, evan.network has two big benefits:

  1. To ensure the highest possible trust, the responsibility for extending and managing the network shall be with the network stakeholders.
  2. To ensure the highest possible growth, the network shall be open for all businesses and developers to realize their own decentralized business model.

To make this possible, the legal, technical and organizational evan.network DAO structure will be established step by step by evan GmbH.