evan.network Developer Documentation

Core features

Decentralized Identities

In evan.network everything, no matter if human, machine or organization has a decentralized, self-sovereign identity which enables them to securely and instantaneously interact with each other.

Smart Contract Access Delegation (SCAD)

Smart Contract Access Delegation (SCAD) enables evan.network users to define permissions for smart contracts at a granular level, including complex trans organizational rights and permission management.

Packaged DApps

Packaged Distributed Applications (DApps) on the evan.network are designed to ease the development process on the blockchain by automically taking care of all necessary backend components.

Customized Namespaces

Evan.network uses a nameservice to provide namespaces for DApps and identities, adding unique names as identifiers for applications or identities.

Secure IoT connectivity

In order to adequately cover all security aspects without the need for any extra service implementation, the secure IoT connectivity feature of evan.network offers a functioning IoT security suite for enterprises.

Contract Templates

Contract templates are a great way to bootstrap smart contract development and adapt contracts to specific business needs.

Stable Transaction Costs

Transaction costs have been a significant cause for concern in the past. Unforeseeable price changes provide no basis for any business to operate with and have deterred many ventures into blockchain projects.