evan.network Developer Documentation

Evan Network Infrastructure evan.network AuthorityNodes AuthorityNode every DAO member runs a AuthorityNode Signing Parity AuthorityNode Ethereum Client Transaction Parity AuthorityNode Ethereum Client IPFS Redundant Interplanetary File System AuthorityNode IPFS Redundant Interplanetary File System AuthorityNode evan.network Distributed Application Ðapp (in Browser) Blockchain Core Blockchain Core Library Web Framework (angular, vue, jquery ...) Any Web Framework or Library is Usable evan.network Web Service Edge Server primarily used for services with special access rights Blockchain Core Blockchain Core Library Smart Agent an ActionHero Any Normal Webservice Services SAP SQL wetter.de https websocket https https, RPC, SMTP ... https websocket server service library network requests synchronizes

The evan.network builds on existing technology like a programmable blockchain with Ethereum, and a distributed file storage with IPFS.

It combines those two technologies and provides the storage and computing power and bandwidth to run distributed applications with the AuthorityNodes.

All this infrastructure is exposed and made usable by fairly ordinary web-applications via the Blockchain Core Library.

This means that all data in the blockchain and all data in the IPFS are completely open to everyone to read, unless encrypted, and the entire application code would run in the browser and is fully readable and modifiable. Accordingly, there exists a need for a third class of code, which isn’t as cryptographically secured as blockchain code, but also not as exposed as Javascript in your browser. This could be something with exclusive access rights to certain contracts in the blockchain and other limited resources. For this reason, Smart Agents exist. They are just small webservices, that run on controlled servers providing controlled access to resources and contracts that others might need access too, but can’t be given full rights.

Blockchain Core Library Blockchain Core Library blockchain-core DBCP Distributed Blockchain Contract Protocol links Ðapps with contracts versioning contract API reflection nameResolver cryptor contractLoader onboarding keyExchange web3 Blockchain Interactions read contracts transactions encryption signing events web3 executor signer dfs Distributed File System (IPFS) own dfs namespace provides access to IPFS: get add pin add also Provides a local memcache an IPLD interface dfs ipld keyProvider Smart Contracts Basic Functionality Contracts solidity compilation profiles access rights data contracts mail box ... profile dataContract serviceContract mailbox module namespace

The Blockchain Core Library is the central tool used in all development with evan.network. It is actually a collection of own functionalities and wrappers around third party core functionalities like blockchain transactions and distributed file system operations.

The full API documentation shows the actual exposed sub-namespaces in the blockchain core module are slightly more fine-grained.