evan.network Developer Documentation

Getting started to hack on the evan.network

evan.network offers developers a wide range of features, services, blueprints and best practices to create incredible decentralized applications.

The evan.network is an Ethereum[+] based blockchain and you can use any Ethereum/ EVM compatible toolset. There are many good wikis and how-tos available to learn more about Ethereum technology. A good starting point is the official Ethereum Wiki[+]. The evan.network can be used for plain Ethereum Smart Contract development with the Web3 API, but we offer much more to create real decentralized applications. Ethereum itself is the blockchain to work with Smart Contracts and to create decentralized trust between different parties.


A blockchain by its very nature isn’t made for storing complex or unstructured data like documents, data and applications. For that reason, we offer an integrated IPFS storage that is used to store non-blockchain data and to deliver ÐAPPs. You can read more about our IPFS to get a better understanding why it is so important and how you can use it in your applications.

Tons of Cool Features

On top of the blockchain- and the storage engine we built services and APIs to create secure, fast and robust applications.

  • content and contract encryption
  • contact management with integrated on-chain key management and key exchange through the mailbox system to offer offline invitation and contact possibilities
  • DataContracts with security and role management and the ability to add encrypted content and a highly flexible DBCP description language to build unstoppable ÐAPPs and Smart Agents
  • ENS and ENS2DNS to make the user’s life easier